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Flights From Mia To Lax

1. AMERICAN AIRLINES Los Angeles to Miami FLIGHT REPORT (# 112)

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Flight: AA2121
Boeing 777-223ER
Seat: 35L
Departure time: 15:25 - Real: 15:36
Arrival time: 22:57- Real 22:42
Flight time: 4 hours 7 minutes

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2. Full Flight – American Airlines – Boeing 777-323/ER – MIA-LAX – First Class – AA2286 – IFS Ep. 510

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Inflight Series Episode 510:

Flight Information:
-Aircraft Operator – American Airlines
-Flight Number – 2286
-City Pair – Miami, Florida (MIA) – Los Angeles, California (LAX)
-Equipment – Boeing 777-323/ER
-Equipment Tail Number – N732AN
-Equipment Age – 7 Years 1 Month
-Livery – American Airlines (2013 Livery)
-Flight Date – December 14, 2021
-Flight Time – 5 Hours 14 Minutes
-Seat – 5J
-Seat Class – Flagship Business (Domestic First Class)


Detailed Times:
0:00 – Intro
N/A – Pre-flight (Gate Area)
0:04 – Pre-flight (Aircraft)
0:46 – Boarding
1:15 – Cabin
4:08 – Outbound Taxi
19:29 – Takeoff
1:15:53 – First Onboard Service
1:16:42 – Inflight
3:42:48 – Second Onboard Service
3:43:42 – Inflight
4:38:02 – Landing
5:12:46 – Inbound Taxi
N/A – Post-flight (Gate Area)
5:17:25 – Post-flight (Aircraft)
5:18:44 – Outro


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3. American Airlines: Miami (MIA) To Los Angeles (LAX) - Airbus A321

Watch American Airlines Flight 282 On Airbus A321 Departing From Miami International Airport To Arriving In Los Angeles International Airport. Enjoy the aerial views taking off from Miami to landing in Los Angeles. This view is from the passenger view of 32F in economy class. The travel time of the flight from Miami International Airport (MIA) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is 5 hours and 34 minutes. This flight took place on October 13, 2019 and uploaded on October 13, 2020 to commemorate one year of this flight.

#AmericanAirlines #Miami #LosAngeles

4. TRIP REPORT | Miami (MIA) to Los Angeles (LAX) | jetBlue Airways | A321-231 | Mint

Fantastic flight onboard jetBlue Mint, can't wait to fly Mint again and especially can't wait to try the new Mint suites coming out this summer.

Flight Information:
jetBlue 2986
Miami, FL-Los Angeles, CA
9:37AM EDT-1:05PM PDT
Airbus A321-231
Seat: 4F
Price: $442
Remarks: 55 minutes early
Filmed with iPhone 11 Pro
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5. Los Angeles - Miami | Flight Report | Airbus A321 | LAX- MIA American Airlines (#55)

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After an amazing flight from Las Vegas and a short layover at Los Angeles International Airport, was time to take our flight AA1297 bound to Miami, Florida. Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to give a thumb up if you liked, comments and feedback are welcome!

Flight time 5h

Music: KSMK - Dream (Vlog No Copyright Music)

6. American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Review!! Miami to Los Angeles


With international travel still complicated because of the pandemic and a growing interest in exploring more of the United States, I set out to my next destination, California! Join me on my journey as I fly from Miami to Los Angeles to begin an epic, 5-day food adventure!

My journey began in the wee hours of the morning at my second home, Miami International Airport. I’d be flying Business Class with American Airlines on a 777-300ER. The configuration is 1-2-1 and I’d be seated in 9J. I’d be giving a full review of the flight, including the space, comfort level, food quality, entertainment options, and service.

I’ve been to Los Angeles more times than I can count, but I’ve never gone in-depth into its food scene before now. I couldn’t wait to explore all of the different ethnic cuisines that make L.A. such an exciting foodie destination!

My seat, 9J, was a comfortable little pod, with a flat-lay bed. First, I ordered an egg and fire-roasted corn enchilada. I love Mexican food but it’s not readily available in Miami. They also had steel-cut oats, muesli, brandy, whiskey, wine, and champagne. I just went with water as it was a little too early for alcohol!

Entertainment-wise, the flight offered lots of movies including Blackbird, Wrath of Man, A Quiet Place 2, Assault 33, and more. They had a nice mix of drama, action, horror, and kids’ options!

There were also quite a few TV show options like Friends, Power, Schitt’s Creek, Ted Lasso, The Snoopy Show, and more. The pod had lots of space and a remote control. I was in full relaxation mode!

My enchilada came with coriander, cheese, a bagel, crackers, grapes, a fruit plate, black beans, and sausage. I added the coriander to the enchilada, which was nice and fluffy. I also loved the creamy cheese and spicy sauce. It was a filling and hearty meal!

I added some jam to the bagel. It was nice and sweet! Next were the crackers with cheese. The cheese tasted good and the crackers were fresh and crunchy.

With an hour to go, I had a bag of nuts and a chocolate chip cookie. I had been on a diet at home, so I was ready to indulge. The cookie had nice, big chocolate chunks in it. I’m a chocolate fiend!

The pod had lots of space and the service was great. The flight attendants were very kind and attentive to my needs. Earlier, they’d given me a little pouch containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, an eye mask, earbuds, and lip balm.


Business Class: 7/10
Space – 10/10
Comfort – 10/10
Food Quality – 8/10
Entertainment – 10/10
Service – 9/10
Flight – 8/10

After a 4.5-hour flight, we were ready to land in Los Angeles! I couldn’t wait to begin this adventure!

Where have you been?

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7. American Airlines Business Class Boeing 777-300ER | Los Angeles to Miami

Airline: American Airlines (AA)
Flight Number: AA340
Route: LAX-MIA
Class: Business Class
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: N-728AN
Delivered: April 2014
Flight Duration: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Distance: 2,342 Miles


Overall Impression:
**This video was taken on August of 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, so your experience may vary from ours.

Hello everyone and welcome to our video!
American has one of the most comfortable business class seats in the industry with its reverse herringbone business class seats and the seats are still very comfortable. The make or break factor nowadays are the catering and service due to the COVID-19 pandemic. American enforces a strict face covering policy on all their flights. The crew announced that all passengers must wear their face covering at all times, except for when actively eating or drinking. The airline has also modified the service and amenities in flight in order to minimize passenger and crew interaction.
No pre-departure beverages, hot towels, and warm nuts were offered during the flight, but despite the late night departure of our flight, the crew still did a full meal service after takeoff. The Miami based crew on this flight were friendly, proactive. I actually enjoyed the flight very much!

What I liked:

The seats - I really like American's Safran Cirrus seat. While not fully enclosed and private the seat is spacious and intuitively laid out. It was comfortable for lounging, dining upright. For sleeping, I like that my there’s nothing above my knees to hit when rolling over to my side. And yes, there are also personal air nozzles on this aircraft to keep me cool.

The onboard service – The crew on this flight was really good. This was a late night flight and the crew managed to do a full meal service and one of the flight attendants even tucked me into bed. He must have previously worked for Singapore Airlines! LOL

The IFE - AA's Panasonic IFE is among my favorite in the sky. The interface is intuitive and responsive. There was also plenty of media content and my favorite Voyager moving map app to keep me occupied during this transcontinental flight.

The Food – The catering on this flight was surprisingly very good. The starter dish tasted light and tasty. The main tasted fresh , well-seasoned, and tender and the dessert was nice and not to sweet. Good Job, AA!

The Amenities - AA offers a business class amenity kit, Bang and Olufsen noise canceling headphones (collected 45 minutes before landing), bottled water, and a full-size pillow and duvet set. No bad for a domestic flight...

What I didn't like:

Plastic Cups in Business Class - I'm really nitpicking here. The meal was served using real plates and utensils, except the beverage was still served in plastic cups. Please bring back the glassware soon!

It was OK...I guess:

Admirals Club at LAX - Due to the pandemic the lounge offering were scaled back, but things are slowly going back to normal. The self-serve buffet, soup, and beverage stations are back, but the flagship lounge is still closed until this fall.

#americanairlines #businessclass #lax #mia #boeing #777 #777300ER

8. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 LIVE | Miami to Los Angeles | A330-900 Neo

Watch me play MSFS2020 from Miami to Los Angeles

Server: NA EAST

Departure: Miami (KMIA)

Destination: Los Angeles (KLAX)

Flight Time: 5 Hour 40 Minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A330-9 Neo

Livery: American


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9. Crazy Busy Miami Airport Last Night Flying to Los Angeles! ✈️🌎🇺🇲 Via JetBlue (great flight BTW)

Busyy Miami airport!! We flew with JetBlue, honestly great service on that flight.

Big comfy economy seats, FREE wifi for in-flight, a lil snack bar area for you to help yourself, they didn't weigh carry on bags. I'd definitely fly with them again.

haven't seen a busy gate area like this in so LONG

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10. A’A Boeing 777-323ER ( MIA) Miami 📍🛫 to Los Angeles International ( LAX) 📍🛬

Carrier ✈︎ American Airlines

Aircraft Type ✈︎ Boeing 777-323ER ( extended range )

Aircraft Registration 📑 #N732AN 🇺🇸

Flight Number 💺 2283

Age of Aircraft ✈︎ 6yrs old 👶🏽

First Flight ✈️ November 2014 🎂

Destination 🌎 Miami International — Los Angeles 🌎

Flight Time ⏱⌛️ 4hrs 35mins

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11. America’s Best Domestic Business Class: American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Miami - Los Angeles

Part 2 of “The Miami Hub” Series:
1. Miami - Paris:
2. Miami - Los Angeles: this video
3. Miami - New York JFK
4. Miami - Barcelona

Domestic Flight: Miami - Los Angeles
Flight No.: American Airlines AA 2330
Travel Class: Flagship Business Class
Comparison: much better than Domestic First Class
Departure from: Miami International Airport, MIA, Terminal D, Florida, United States
Taking off from Miami Runway 8R; length 3,202 m / 10,506 ft
Arrival: Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, Terminal 4, Gate 41, California
Landing on LAX Runway 25L; length 3,382m / 11,095ft
Great Circle Distance Miami - Los Angeles: 3,769 km / 2,342 mi
Flight Time: 4 hours and 32 minutes
Scheduled Departure Time from Miami: 11h15 ET
Actual departure from MIA: 11h46 ET
Scheduled Arrival Time in Los Angeles: 13h29 PT
Actual arrival into LAX: 13h18 PT
Passenger load in Business Class: 100% full occupancy
Business Class Seat (flatbed): 08J
Seat Model: Safran Cirrus seat / reverse heringbone
Departure Lounge in Miami: American Airlines Flagship Lounge Miami
Travel season: June 2022
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: N718AN
Delivered to American Airlines: November 2012
Engines: 2 x General Electric GE90-115B
Take-Off Thrust: up to 115,540 lbf each

Intro music:
Track: When You See Me — SOMM [Audio Library Release]
Music provided by Audio Library Plus
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12. American Airlines Miami to Los Angeles AA 1536 MIA to LAX Flagship Business Class Boeing 787-800

American Airlines Miami to Los Angeles AA 1536 MIA to LAX Flagship Business Class Boeing 787-800

Camera: iPhone 14 Pro and GoPro Hero 10

13. Flight ✈ Timeline AAL 344 🇺🇸 Miami (MIA) - 🇺🇸 Los-Angeleles (LAX)

#flight #takeoff #timeline #landing #departure #aviation #airtraffic airtraf

American Airlines Flight AA344 connects Miami, United States to Los Angeles, United States, taking off from Miami International Airport MIA and landing at Los Angeles International Airport LAX.

How long is the AA344 flight from Miami to Los Angeles?

The average flight time from Miami to Los Angeles is 4 hours and 58 minutes. The flight distance is 3762 km / 2338 miles and the average flight speed is 756 km/h / 470 mph.

How many AA344 flights are operated per week?

7 flights per week. The flight AA344 is operated on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What is the On-Time Performance (OTP) of American Airlines Flight AA344 Miami to Los Angeles?

The Airportia On-Time Performance Rating for American Airlines Flight AA344 is 5/5 stars. This metric is calculated using data from the past 10 flights.

Which terminal is the flight AA344 arriving at?

Flight AA344 arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 4.

When was the latest AA344 flight?

The latest flight took off on Sunday, November 12th, 2023 with the flight status being Landed on 10:47.

How else can the flight AA344 be referenced as?

This American Airlines flight can also be referenced as AAL344, AA0344, AA 344, AAL 344.

#flight #timeline #takeoff #losangeles #Texas #Miami #departure #arizona #huston

Рейс AA344 American Airlines соединяет Майами, США, с Лос-Анджелесом, США, вылетает из международного аэропорта Майами MIA и приземляется в международном аэропорту Лос-Анджелеса LAX .

Сколько длится перелет AA344 из Майами в Лос-Анджелес?
Среднее время полета из Майами в Лос-Анджелес составляет 4 часа 58 минут. Дальность полета составляет 3762 км/2338 миль, а средняя скорость полета – 756 км/ч/470 миль/ч.

Сколько рейсов AA344 выполняется в неделю?
7 рейсов в неделю. Рейс AA344 выполняется по понедельникам, вторникам, средам, четвергам, пятницам, субботам и воскресеньям.

Каковы показатели своевременности (OTP) рейса AA344 компании American Airlines из Майами в Лос-Анджелес?
Рейтинг своевременности рейсов Airportia для рейса AA344 American Airlines составляет 5/5 звезд . Этот показатель рассчитывается на основе данных последних 10 рейсов.

В какой терминал прибывает рейс AA344?
Рейс AA344 прибывает в Терминал 4 международного аэропорта Лос-Анджелеса (LAX).

아메리칸 항공 AA344편은 미국 마이애미와 미국 로스앤젤레스를 연결하며 마이애미 국제공항 MIA에서 이륙하여 로스앤젤레스 국제공항 LAX에 착륙합니다.

마이애미발 로스앤젤레스행 AA344 항공편의 비행 시간은 얼마나 되나요?

마이애미발 로스앤젤레스행 평균 비행 시간은 4시간 58분입니다. 비행 거리는 3762km/2338마일이며 평균 비행 속도는 756km/h/470mph입니다.

AA344 항공편은 주당 몇 편 운항되나요?

주당 7편. AA344편은 월요일, 화요일, 수요일, 목요일, 금요일, 토요일, 일요일에 운항됩니다.

아메리칸 항공 AA344편 마이애미-로스앤젤레스의 정시 성과(OTP)는 무엇입니까?

아메리칸 항공 AA344편의 Airportia 정시 성능 등급은 별 5/5개입니다. 이 측정항목은 지난 10개 항공편의 데이터를 사용하여 계산됩니다.

AA344편은 어느 터미널에 도착하나요?

AA344편이 로스앤젤레스 국제공항(LAX) 제4터미널에 도착합니다.

가장 최근의 AA344 항공편은 언제였나요?

가장 최근 항공편은 2023년 11월 12일 일요일에 이륙했으며 항공편 상태는 10시 47분에 착륙했습니다.

AA344 항공편은 또 어떻게 참조될 수 있나요?

이 아메리칸 항공 항공편은 AAL344, AA0344, AA 344, AAL 344라고도 합니다.

AA344편은 얼마나 자주 지연되나요?

평균적으로 모든 AA344 항공편의 12%가 지연됩니다. 평균 지연 시간은 3분입니다.

El vuelo AA344 de American Airlines conecta Miami, Estados Unidos con Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos, despegando del Aeropuerto Internacional de Miami MIA y aterrizando en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Ángeles LAX.

¿Cuánto dura el vuelo AA344 desde Miami a Los Ángeles?

El tiempo promedio de vuelo desde Miami a Los Ángeles es de 4 horas y 58 minutos. La distancia de vuelo es de 3762 km / 2338 millas y la velocidad promedio de vuelo es de 756 km/h / 470 mph.

¿Cuántos vuelos AA344 se realizan por semana?

7 vuelos por semana. El vuelo AA344 se opera los lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado y domingo.

¿Cuál es la puntualidad (OTP) del vuelo AA344 de American Airlines de Miami a Los Ángeles?

La calificación de puntualidad de Airportia para el vuelo AA344 de American Airlines es de 5/5 estrellas. Esta métrica se calcula utilizando datos de los últimos 10 vuelos.

¿A qué terminal llega el vuelo AA344?

El vuelo AA344 llega a la Terminal 4 del Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Ángeles (LAX).

¿Cuándo salió el último vuelo AA344?

El último vuelo despegó el domingo 12 de noviembre de 2023 y el estado del vuelo fue Aterrizó a las 10:47.

¿De qué otra manera se puede hacer referencia al vuelo AA344?

Este vuelo de American Airlines también puede denominarse AAL344, AA0344, AA 344, AAL 344.

¿Con qué frecuencia se retrasa el vuelo AA344?

En promedio, el 12% de todos los vuelos AA344 sufren retrasos. El retraso medio es de 3 minutos.

Когда был последний рейс АА344?
Последний рейс вылетел в воскресенье, 12 ноября 2023 г., его статус — «Приземлился в 10:47».

Как еще можно назвать рейс AA344?
Этот рейс American Airlines также может обозначаться как AAL344, AA0344, AA 344, AAL 344.

Как часто задерживается рейс AA344?
В среднем задерживается 12% всех рейсов AA344. Средняя задержка составляет 3 минуты.

14. Trip Report: jetBlue | LAX-MIA | A321 | Jetblue Mint | Los Angeles to Miami

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, Today we are in LAX doing a little plane spotting before walking over to take jetblue's red eye flight to Miami International Airport. You are in for a treat as you get to join me on my first ever business class experience in jetblue's mint class. I was lucky enough to be able to book a throne seat. Don't know what the throne seat is join me on this flight and see.
First before getting into the terminal and checked in we will see where you catch taxi or ride share. I will also showcase another form of transportation to and from the airport.

If you'd like to treat me to a cup of coffee click below and thank you very much. I greatly appreciate the support on my love for coffee.

#jetblue #jetbluemint #laxairport #miamiairport

15. REVIEW | American Airlines | Los Angeles (LAX) - Miami (MIA) | Boeing 777-300ER | First

Airline : American Airlines
Aircraft : Boeing 777-300ER
Registration : N718AN
Flight Time : 4hr 17min
Seat : 2A
From : Los Angeles International Airport
To : Miami International Airport
Date : October 1, 2021

Flight Price : $382.70
Ticket Type : First/Business
Total Routing : PHX-MIA-BOG
Booked Through :
Booking Made : September 2021