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Flights From Msp To Miami

1. 2018 flight from MSP to Miami

Our flight to Miami to go on our cruise to the Caribbean’s.

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3. Flight from Minneapolis (MSP) to Orlando (MCO) September 2022

This was my flight experience on Delta Airlines from Minneapols (MSP) to Orlando (MCO) in September of 2022. My flight experienced a minor delay the previous night due to Hurricane Ian. I was very fortunate that the hurricane did not significantly delay my flight. I had some breakfast with some drinks at the airport before my flight. I sat right on the wing of the plane, but was still able to get some good views. I also took footage of the tram ride within the Orlando Airport that leads you from you gate to baggage claim.

4. Flying Southwest's Inaugural Flight to Miami

Hey guys! On November 15, 2020 Southwest Airlines began flying to Miami International Airport, an airport they eluded since their beginnings in favor of a smaller market in Fort Lauderdale...and I was sure to be on this first flight! The push finally into the Miami market definitely was in some part due to COVID-19 and the pro-Florida market at the moment, but it certainly was in the making for a while. When Southwest first started, they avoided primary airports of which legacy airlines dominated, but as the market and airline industry has changed, these airports have increasingly becoming more low cost carrier-friendly. And so it happened...the "southwest effect" has invaded MIA, an airport dominated by American Airlines. As for this first flight, I really enjoyed flying Southwest again as I always do and this inaugural experience just made it even better! Seeing how much it means to the SWA employees is just so awesome. The only thing that pissed me off a bit was MIA. I'm not sure why they didn't have their celebrations and festivities on inaugural day, rather chose the next day to have them. It wouldn't bother me as much until I saw some of the news stations proclaiming that the 16th was the first day of flights when it wasn't. Talk about fake news. Not Southwest's fault at all on this one though...this is on their new destination airport. I commend SWA for starting up at MIA and really enjoyed the flight, despite the lack of celebrations and very few decorations. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Southwest Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 737-700
Seat: 3A
Flight Time: 2 hr 23 min
Flight #: WN 324
Takeoff: Baltimore-Washington (Thurgood Marshall) International Airport
Landing: Miami International Airport
Filmed: November 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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5. Full Flight: Sun Country Airlines B737-800 Baltimore to Minneapolis (BWI-MSP)

Hey guys! Welcome to another full flight video, this time aboard a brand new airline on the channel...Sun Country Airlines! They're America's 11th largest airline and is based in Minneapolis flying to over 50 destinations around North America & the Caribbean. Their fleet consists of all 737s and is considered an ultra low cost carrier nowadays (which is what Spirit, Frontier, & Allegiant are). However, as you'll see in the video, when you step onboard it surely doesn't feel like an ULCC. If there was a category in between ULCC and LCC (Southwest-like), I would stick Sun Country right in there. They are totally worthy of the ULCC title though as they do nickel and dime you for everything, however the overall experience I thought was much more enjoyable than the other 3 big cheap US airlines. While it was an older plane, the interior felt recently refreshed with an all Economy cabin. The forward seats are Sun Country's "Best" seats which have power outlets, USB ports, and slightly better padding on the seats including adjustable headrests. The rest do not have headrests or power outlets and the legroom is not as good...but it's definitely better than dem yellow flyin' school buses. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Sun Country Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 737-800 (N829SY)
Seat: 28F
Flight Time: 2 hr 10 min
Flight #: SY 194
Takeoff: Baltimore-Washington (Thurgood Marshall) International Airport
Landing: Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport
Filmed: August 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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6. American Airlines B737-800 Main Cabin Extra - Miami to Pittsburgh

This quick May trip ends with a flight aboard American Airlines' B737-800 in Main Cabin Extra from Miami up the east coast to Pittsburgh. I gotta say, as far as American 737 flights are concerned, this was one of the better ones if not the best. Big thanks to one of the flight attendants onboard named Mike who was super nice and easily one of the best FAs I've had period. If you're into supercars, be sure to check out his channel linked below! Hope you guys enjoy!

Mike the FA:

Flight Info:

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 737-800 (N881NN)
Seat: 8A
Flight Time: 2 hr 20 min
Flight #: AA 2091
Takeoff: Miami International Airport
Landing: Pittsburgh International Airport
Filmed: May 27, 2021

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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7. 2 flights have close call at MSP Airport, FAA investigating

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after a close call between two flights in the Twin Cities earlier this week.

8. American Airlines - 777 200ER - Business Class - Miami (MIA) to New York (JFK) | TRIP REPORT

American's Flagship Business Class is one of the best premium seats in our skies! I was lucky enough to catch it on a repositioning flight from Miami to New York. This flight was sold as "Domestic First Class" and the soft product (meals, amenities) represented that.

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world when measured by fleet size, scheduled passengers carried, and revenue passenger mile. They currently operate over 900 mainline aircraft across 350 destinations. I used to love flying with them until they merged with US Airways about a decade ago. Since then I've noticed a drop in quality as they retained much of US Airways administration and corporate structure. Thankfully one of the areas that remained great is the First/Business class!

The 777 has been a staple in American's long-haul fleet for over two decades, and the fleet of 67 777-200ER/300ERs will begin to get retrofitted for the new Flagship Suite product, with older aircraft getting replaced for the 787-9.

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Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 777-223ER (N754AN)
Seat: 10A (Flagship Business Class)
Flight Number: AA421
Route: Miami International Airport (MIA) to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
Flight Time: 2 hours, 20 minutes
Date of Travel: January 9, 2023

Total Price: $925
Total Routing: MIA-JFK
Booking Location:

00:51 - Miami Airport
04:16 - Boarding
06:48 - Takeoff
09:06 - Seat Review
11:00 - Inflight
12:57 - Meal Service
16:57 - Descent
18:12 - Landing
20:18 - Ratings





EQUIPMENT: Sony A7Siii, GoPro Hero11, iPhone 14 Pro
MUSIC: Epidemic

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9. TRIP REPORT | Chicago (ORD) to Miami (MIA) | American Airlines | B737-823 | First Class

Pretty good flight in First Class on American, just really wish they didn't get rid of PTVs to be cheap...

Flight Information:
American 613
Chicago (O'Hare), IL-Miami, FL
Date: March 4th, 2022
8:23PM CST-12:28AM EST
Boeing 737-823
Seat: 4F
Price: $368
Remarks: On Time
Filmed with iPhone 13 Pro
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10. TRIP REPORT | American Airlines - 767 300 - New York (JFK) to Miami (MIA) | First Class

Welcome to another trip report!

On Friday, August 10th, I flew to Sacramento, CA through Miami, Dallas, & Los Angeles. I think its safe to say that this was probably the best flight on that trip, as the next flight was delayed 6 hours, forcing me to stay the night in Dallas and rebook my flights with no refund or booking help from AA.

I don't really know what happened to American Airlines. Ever since their merger with US Airways they've shrunk seats, slashed crew unions, and have a tendency of delaying flights for hours.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video!

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 767-323ER (N346AN)
Seat: 8J (First Class)
Flight Number: AA1571
Route: JFK to MIA
Flight Time: 2 hours, 24 minutes


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11. Full Flight: American Airlines B767-300 Philadelphia to Miami (PHL-MIA)

Hey guys! In this video, I fly aboard an American Airlines B767-300 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania down to Miami, Florida. This was my first domestic widebody flight and it was overall nice. I think a big thing everyone has is expectations when going on a plane and when you fly a widebody, your expectations are naturally higher than on a regular single-aisle jet or RJ. However, AA apparently doesn't get the memo and just treats this flight like any other. For a 2 1/2 hr flight like this, though, the service and dated interior really didn't matter a whole lot, but if the flight is longer, especially over 5 hours, there needs to be better service (such as serving hot meals), even if it's a domestic flight. But, it was nice to finally get back on a widebody and not be completely crammed in on some regional jet or regular mainline domestic bird. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 767-300 (N342AN)
Seat: 40A
Flight Time: 2 hr 43 min
Flight #: AA2665
Takeoff: Philadelphia International Airport
Landing: Miami International Airport
Filmed: September 2019

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Using “positioning flights” like a pro
2:12 Is Incognito mode for cheap flights worth it?
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5:25 Find cheap flights during the Goldilocks Window
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13. Full Flight: American Airlines B777-200 Dallas to Miami (DFW-MIA)

Hey guys! I've uploaded many delayed flights on the channel and even a few cancelled flights by now, but I never had to deplane right after boarding and wait for another aircraft. That changed with this video. Unfortunately, there was a problem with our American Airlines B777-200 we just boarded for Miami and so we had to head back inside the terminal and wait till the issue was resolved. What ensued was a total mess on American's part of switching our planes and gates twice...also switching the original delay time of 1 hr 30 min to 4 hrs, without any compensation, snacks/drinks, or food vouchers. Very disappointed in AA's response to a maintenance delay which was nothing but their fault. The flight itself I thought was fine once we got in the air. I was lucky enough to have a whole row to myself on a very full plane which helped a lot. The crew was also quite nice which is saying a lot because of AA's FA reputations. American's 777-200, while old, did have plenty to do onboard with their stacked free entertainment collection and in-seat power outlets & USB ports at every seat. For a domestic flight during a pandemic, it's nice to have a roomier cabin (even if AA doesn't block seats) and the product onboard is slightly better than usual on other American domestic jets. However, if there were two people next to me on an international flight, I know I'd have a much different opinion. But whatever pros I've just said about this flight are completely overshadowed by the DFW experience and the 3 1/2 hr late arrival into Miami. Definitely American needs to step it up and start caring about their passengers again, not all about money. **Not doing anything for your customers when delaying their flight because of a problem that's all your fault isn't going to make them want to come back.** One of the worst experiences I've had on a flight in recent memory...but hopefully it made for some entertaining content :D Hope y'all enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: American Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Boeing 777-200 (N779AN)
Seat: 30A
Flight Time: 2 hr 26 min
Flight #: AA 2550
Takeoff: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Landing: Miami International Airport
Filmed: June 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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14. {HD} [FULL FLIGHT] Miami (MIA) - Boston (BOS) — American Airlines — Boeing 777-223(ER) — N758AN

→ Flight info:

Airline: American Airlines
Flight Number: 2247
Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-223(ER)
Registration Number: N758AN
Livery: 2013 American
Seat: 24A
Flight date: May 29, 2021
Passenger Count: 273/273
Departure Airport: Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida
Arrival Airport: Boston-Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts
Departure Gate: E8
Arrival Gate: B22
Departure Time: 8:41AM EDT (Schd. 8:45AM EDT) (4 minutes EARLY)
Arrival Time: 11:47AM EDT (Schd. 12:03PM EDT) (16 minutes EARLY)
Departure Runway: 8R
Arrival Runway: 4R
Flight Duration: (Including Taxi) 3 hours 6 minutes

Link to Flight Route:

Route of Flight:

Plane route info:
This plane started in Rio de Janeiro by flying overnight to Miami. After flying between Miami and Boston (my flight), it would return to Miami, then fly to Los Angeles, where it would remain over night.


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15. Flying my Cirrus from Miami to Chicago IFR and VFR at 16,000 feet with Oxygen

On this routine business flight I got to experience some beautiful scenery along the way and received excellent service from ATC. Flying at 16,000 feet with oxygen ensures a restful flight and feeling great at the destination albeit the 6 hours flight time. Hope you enjoy.

I am NOT a Certified Flight Instructor and my videos are not for instruction purposes. The video is intended for my own personal experiences and for entertainment purposes only. Do not use my video content as information about how to fly an airplane. To properly learn how to fly you MUST visit your local flight school and work with an experienced Certified Flight Instructor.

- What airplane is this? This is a Cirrus SR22T (Turbo) Generation 6 (G6) built in December 2018.
- Why do you fly so much? I fly for business primarily supporting my clients and staff at meetings and conferences and vendor partner relationship building for my Government Payments platform company called Autoagent
- What do you use to record your videos? I use 3 GoPro cameras (models 5, 6, 7), I use ND4, 8, 16 filters on the cameras, I use a Sony FRD-AX53 4K camera with mechanically stabilized optical zoom, my iPhone 13 PRO MAX for many of the video shots you see when the 4K camera is too bulky to carry. I record audio with an old iPhone using voice notes and I use a cockpit audio recording cable I bought on Sporty's.
- What software do you use to edit your videos? I use Final Cut Pro on a MacBook and iMac
- Where do you find good royalty free video clips? I use
- Do you do all the editing? Yes, all this work other than some filler video clips and music is my work 100%
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- You fly so good don't you make mistakes? I make tons of errors which I will never show you lol
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