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Flights From New Orleans To Denver

1. New Orleans to Denver | First Airplane Ride

hey yall , we went to Denver, Colorado for my sis 21st bday . i also took my first flight so i decided to vlog . more coming soon ! dont forget to like & subscribe💙


3. Trip Report | United Airlines Airbus A319 (Economy) Denver to New Orleans

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At last I have finally completed my uploads from my recent summer trip to the Seattle, WA area. I had a great week-long trip and was also treated to some great, new flight experiences on two airlines I don't fly very often, Delta and United. I was pleasantly surprised by both airlines and their service and while there were pros and cons with both, I would still highly recommend flying them and look forward to travelling with both again in the future.

For this final flight, it took my home to New Orleans from my long, 3+ hour layover in Denver. Since I also hadn't flown into DEN in quite some time, it was nice to return, especially to fly out of Terminal B for the very first time. I can now say I have now flown out of every terminal at DEN. For this final flight home, I was interested to see how it would be since I would be flying on one of United's Airbus A319 aircraft for a near 2.5 hour flight. As with all my other flights from this trip, this one was also on time. Like my previous United flight from Seattle to Denver on a 737-900, I had boarding group 3 for this flight as well. Once on board, I noticed this aircraft had been fitted with United's new interior with new seats. The seats were comfortable, however I must say I was really missing the Boeing Sky Interior I had been treated to throughout my trip. For this 2.5 hour flight home, there was no mood lighting and also no IFE, which was also a bummer. With that said, I have to give Delta the extra point there for having IFE on both of my flights, which was a nice touch. Once we departed, the flight as rather uneventful, per usual. Not much turbulence during our cruise until we got closer to New Orleans, where the hot, humid summer afternoon air began to play a factor. In-flight, the flight attendants served complimentary beverages and pretzels, which was a decent snack for the flight, but nothing surprising. I can't complain too much either, considering my last flight with United before this trip was in 2013 to Honolulu. That flight was over 8-hours long and there were no complimentary snacks, only a beverage service. Since then, United, like other U.S. carriers such as Alaska and American, have begun serving complimentary snacks in-flight. While not much, even the lightest snack is better than nothing at all. I should also mention, the flight attendants gave me a whole can of Coke on this flight which also another nice touch (maybe just not to my seatmates ;)). Given there was no IFE, there wasn't much to do on the way to New Orleans other than to gaze out the window and read through the in-flight literature. We would then land shorty after and make the very quick taxi off runway 11 to gate D7 (at the old terminal). As I included towards the end of the video, MSY's new North Terminal was unfortunately delayed again until the Fall of 2019. As the fall months near, I am anticipating a new opening date to be set, hopefully in either October or November. Of course, I was quite bummed that this trip didn't take place at the new terminal as originally planned. Once it does open, I will try my best to upload a video tour. However, with the opening date still not set, planning a trip around the grand opening will be tricky. We'll just have to see how it all goes.

Also, I apologize for the breaks in video uploading this summer. As I recently graduated from college, I took classes over the entire summer. As you may have noticed, this Seattle trip was filmed in late May in the week prior to summer classes starting. Because of this, I decided to stretch out the uploads from this trip (my four flights) over the course of the whole summer. So be sure to check out my other recent uploads from this trip as well as my upcoming uploads from my most recent trip to Orlando, FL! As always, upcoming uploads will be posted in the video description.

- - Flight Information - -
Airline: United Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Tail Number: N822UA
Flight: 1719
Route: DEN-MSY
Seat: 27F
Date: Sunday, June 2, 2019
Departure Time (DEN): 1:23 PM (MT)
Arrival Time (MSY): 4:48 PM (CT)
Departure Runway (DEN): 8
Arrival Runway (MSY): 11
Departure Gate (DEN): B15
Arrival Gate (MSY): D7
Flight Time: 2H 25M
Cruising Altitude: 37,000 ft
Boarding Group: Group 3

Camera Used: Sony HDR-CX240

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4. United Airlines| From Denver Colorado To New Orleans Louisiana

5. What 1st time visitors to New Orleans need to know

Wanting tourist information on visiting New Orleans, from airport information, public transportation, sights, and a lot of other great traveler information that will help you on your visit to NOLA? Well here we have a lot of helpful information for tourists looking to visit The Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Filmed in New Orleans, LA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2021

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6. Southwest Airlines | WN974 & WN234 | Portland - Denver - New Orleans | Boeing 737-700

Hi guys, today I am flying on Southwest Airlines from Portland (PDX) to New Orleans (MSY) but I had to make a connecting stop in Denver (DEN) so I have two flights in today’s video. Enjoy :)

Flight #1
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Seat: Economy Class
Flight: WN974
Aircraft type: Boeing 737-700
Airline Alliance: None

Flight #2
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Seat: Economy Class
Flight: WN234
Aircraft type: Boeing 737-700
Airline Alliance: None


0:00 Introduction

0:11 My Flight Number

0:21 Gate for Flight

0:30 Safety Features and Pushback

6:27 Taxi & Takeoff

12:35 Snack/Drink Options

13:23 Descent & Taxi to Gate in Denver

18:49 Gate for Second Flight to New Orleans

18:54 Safety Features & Pushback for Second Flight

22:11 Taxi & Takeoff

31:49 Descent into New Orleans

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We'll show you United First Class Food, Delta First Class Food, and American Airlines First Class food!

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1:14 United Airlines First Class
5:22 American Airlines First Class
9:45 Delta Air Lines First Class

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13. Tom Ryan Flying to Denver from New Orleans on United

"I've looked at clouds from both sides now" Joni Mitchell

14. New Orleans to Denver

mostly sky pron

15. Day in the life of an airline pilot: MSY DEN MDW ✈️ #shorts

This was the second day of a 2-day long trip I was assigned on reserve. Reserve is basically the on-call equivalent for air crew. We spent almost all day in New Orleans (MSY) before reporting to the airport at 6pm.

Unfortunately, I was randomly selected for additional security screening. This adds time and sometimes takes away extra time for food. But because security was super fast and we were slightly delayed, I was able to get BOTH Starbucks and dinner! Victory!

The Captain and I only had one flight to work- MSY to DEN. However, because we were late, I had a VERY close connection time in Denver. Thankfully, I made it to the flight and didn’t have to spend an extra night on the road.

I made it back to Chicago around 1am. There weren’t any flights left for me to work so I was released from duty and went home to start 4 days off!

As always, ask me your aviation questions in the comments!

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