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Flights From New Orleans To Las Vegas

1. Grab the luggage: Spirit Airlines begins nonstop flights from New Orleans to Las Vegas

Spirit Airlines officials said nonstop flights to Las Vegas began Friday, while nonstop flights to Los Angeles will begin in 2016. Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now for more:

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2. Flying from Nola to Vegas

3. Trip Report | Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 Economy (New Orleans to Las Vegas)

For the Takeoff from New Orleans:
For the Landing in Las Vegas:

Welcome back from what seems like a really long break from YouTube and travelling, but as most of you probably know I'm in college and haven't really had any time to travel. But now that I've had a long break, it feels good to get back into the groove of things with flying and trip reports. For my latest break, I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas, somewhere I haven't been since November 2016. This trip report is the first of two from my Las Vegas trip, so be sure to check out my others as well.

Now onto the flight. Since Southwest is usually my go-to airline, I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. However, what concerned me to some degree was at the time of my flight Southwest was in the thick of their maintenance/mechanic dispute. Hundreds of Southwest flights were being cancelled and delayed, many into and out of their maintenance bases like Las Vegas and Dallas (where I connected coming home). I have to admit, hearing all the maintenance issues arising with Southwest as well as seeing many flights being cancelled, it was a little unsettling. All I could do though is hope for the best and for a smooth trip. And thankfully, that's exactly what I got.

To begin, it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the weather was absolutely perfect for flying. It really had me optimistic. Despite getting into a little bit of heavy traffic heading to the airport, I made it to the airport with plenty of time before my flight departed. I was able to relax in the airport and watch all the other flights as well as check out the latest progress on the new MSY North Terminal on the other side of the airfield, which I must say is looking great! At the time of this video, the opening was set for May 15, 2019. Unfortunately, the opening has once again been delayed until the fall of 2019. My flight arrived from Las Vegas early and my flight there also left New Orleans early. My flight was on a Boeing 737-8H4 (N8689C), fitted with split scimitar winglets and painted in the Heart livery. I boarded in group B with position 11, which wasn't bad at all considering nobody was staying on the plane from Las Vegas and because it was an -800 which has 175 seats (same as the MAX 8) compared to the -700's which only have 143 seats. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my aircraft had the new Heart interior cabin, with Boeing's sky interior lighting and larger overhead bins and Southwest's newer seats with adjustable headrests. I chose seat 20F for the flight, just behind the wing (which also has good window alignment if you're curious). Legroom on Southwest's -800's are great (and I assume on the MAX 8's, but I haven't flown on one yet) and better than on the -700's. We left the gate in New Orleans one minute early and had a super short taxi from gate B4 to runway 2 for takeoff. It was a smooth climb and once airborne we were served our in-flight snack which consisted of Southwest Ritz plane crackers and a drink (I got coke). There were actually two beverage services on the flight, but I only wanted one. Aside from some small bumps, the flight was very smooth. For the most part, in-flight was pretty uneventful. However, there was some great scenery along the way to make the time pass, including flying over DFW, crop circles over Lubbock, and parts of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam as we approached Las Vegas. For a bonus, there was a lot of snow in the mountains near the Grand Canyon from the recent winter weather. We landed in Las Vegas over 20 minutes early and right at sunset which made for beautiful lighting in the clear Las Vegas dusk. Our flight ended with a comical announcement from our flight attendants as we parked at gate C25, the first gate at concourse C at McCarran Airport. You can see it in the video, but we actually parked right next to N446WN which was the exact same plane I flew on coming back from Houston last August for my Baltimore trip (Be sure to check out that video as well).

Overall, I had a great flight and it was the typical Southwest experience. Be sure to check out my other trip reports from previous flights and my other two from this trip. Thanks for watching!

- - Flight Information - -
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-8H4
Tail Number: N8689C (Heart Livery)
Flight: 2728
Route: MSY-LAS
Seat: 20F
Date: Sunday, February 24, 2019
Departure Time (MSY): 3:44 PM CT
Departure Runway (MSY): 2
Departure Gate (MSY): B4
Arrival Time (LAS): 5:25 PM (PT)
Arrival Runway (LAS): 26L
Arrival Gate (LAS): C25
Flight Time: 3H 41M
Cruising Altitude: 36,000 ft
Boarding Group: B Position: 11

Camera Used: Sony HDR-CX240

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4. Full Flight: Delta Air Lines A321 Las Vegas to Atlanta (LAS-ATL)

Hey guys! Welcome to another red-eye full flight video! This time, I'm flying Delta Air Lines across the country from Las Vegas, Nevada to Atlanta, Georgia aboard one of their A321s! After enjoying my last red-eye flight with them from Seattle to Detroit on one of their B757-300s, I had high hopes for this flight and it didn't disappoint. The boarding process was great, the flight was smooth, the cabin was equipped with nice seats, PTVs, universal power outlets, USBs, WiFi, and free IFE, there were snack bags passed out, the FAs were all great, had awesome views of the night sky & lights below, and we departed & arrived early. They also handle COVID safety precautions the best by far. Delta absolutely continues to be one of my favorite airlines. Only some minor critiques - could be some slightly better legroom and I'd like to see them start serving food again onboard for purchase. You'll see what I mean in an upcoming video. But as for this flight, was by far the best red-eye flight I've done...the whole empty row for myself definitely played a part in that decision :D Who needs first class? Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Delta Air Lines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A321-200 (N325DN)
Seat: 22A
Flight Time: 3 hr 31 min
Flight #: DL 1275
Takeoff: McCarran International Airport
Landing: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Filmed: July 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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5. REAL First Class is back! American Airlines 737-800 | New York - Las Vegas

Airline: American Airlines
Plane: 737-800
Seat: 4F
Flight # AA1330

Cheap upgrades usually come with strings attached, but the prospect of a late night flight from New York (JFK) all the way to Las Vegas (LAS) motivated me to purchase an upgrade to First Class. Luckily, this move to premium only cost about $250, which is a great deal for a fairly long flight. Was it really worth it it though? Watch this trip report to find out!

Unedited takeoff/landing footage on my second channel: NYC Flyer Plus.

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6. New Orleans airport launches new parking tools ahead of holidays

New Orleans airport launches new parking tools ahead of holidays

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7. Southwest Airlines Announcement - SNL

Southwest Airlines employees (Heidi Gardner, Devon Walker) introduce a new, upgraded airline experience.

Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock:

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8. How to enjoy Spirit Airlines economy seats ✈️💺

9. EMPTY FLIGHT to Vegas on Frontier Airlines

My last flight for the day was out west on by far the EMPTIEST jet flight I've ever taken. I had expected the flight over to the Sin City from Atlanta to be on the lighter side, but once everyone boarded and I realized no one was behind me...well it was quite strange to say the least. Frontier Airlines is not an airline I fly much as they are my least favorite airline and I don't really find the need to fly them much in my travels, but with the flight being so empty it wasn't that bad. If you're on a budget, they can certainly work - just be prepared for what you'll find onboard (a seat and that's it). Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Frontier Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A320neo (N372FR)
Seat: 18F
Flight Time: 3 hr 53 min
Flight #: FR 2001
Takeoff: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Landing: McCarran International Airport
Filmed: December 21, 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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Do NOT use unless granted permission.
© thejazzguy13 Aviation 2021

10. Airline: Rowdy Kids Disrupt Flight From Las Vegas - Full Episode (S1, E3) | A&E

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A rowdy group of biker kids disrupt a flight all the way from Las Vegas in Season 1, Episode 3, Kids...Who'd Have Them? (#5). #Airline
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11. Las Vegas Part 1- 2018 from New Orleans- flight and first day

Our 2018 Las Vegas trip - pre COVID- great memories. We flew from New Orleans, we took a lyft driver to the airport. Our hotel was Paris. The next day is us walking the strip. Part 1


Gar and I are heading to New Orleans for a conference he's attending. I'm tagging along, mostly for the beignets!

Snapchat: collegeprepster

Music by Vexento:

13. Flight back to New Orleans from Las Vegas(2)

Air plane home from Vegas

14. Spirit Airlines Las Vegas Review | The Worst Flight To Vegas Ever

Spirit Airlines is the Worst way to fly to Las Vegas according to several publications. But if you want a Cheap Las Vegas flight, then Spirit Airlines to Las Vegas might be a good idea. We take a flight from Denver to Las Vegas just to see how bad is Spirit Airlines actually?

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15. Flight into New Orleans