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Flights From New Orleans To Orlando

1. Flight from New Orleans to Orlando aboard Southwest flight 989 on a 737 Max8. #southwest #takeoff

2. Frontier Airlines Flight 1138 From New Orleans to Orlando

This flight is departing from MSY New Orleans Louis Armstrong International Airport and heading for MCO Orlando International Airport. First time on an Airbus A320. Flight was smooth. Seats were comfortable. Not super cushy like some other airlines but not bad. Plane was clean. Lavatories were spotless. The tray table was a bit small but didn’t really use it. Never do use them really. Flight crew and flight attendants were all super friendly. All in all, I would give Frontier Airlines. 4 star out of 5. Can’t beat the price for the tickets. Very affordable. I highly recommend Frontier!!

3. Disney || Port Orleans Riverside || New Orleans to Orlando || weekend trip || quick/cheep flight 4 2

Hello fellow travel friends!

Friday, January 14, 2020 to my son Jaxon and I set out for a weekend adventure to Walt Disney World.

This video starts off with us on our way to the New Orleans international airport. My boyfriend George dropped us off and we were on our way through TSA pre-check. If you do not have TSA or clear I highly recommend it if you are a frequent traveler like us! We were in an out of security and no time and headed to our gate.

For this flight we always look for a nonstop flight leaving either first thing in the morning or last flight in the afternoon. Trips to Orlando out of New Orleans are very easy to book. Spirit was the airline that had the times that we were looking for. The flight was super and expensive Less than $300 round-trip for both Jax and I. (seats going were in row 11 / returning were in row 6.)

In less than 2 hours you can be in Orlando from New Orleans. If you have had a chance to watch our "packing video" you know that we both travel in backpacks approved size by economy flights.

If you follow the signs in the Orlando airport and head towards terminal B you can start booking an Uber, the lines can get pretty long and the wait times can vary this will help you to speed up the process.

We had a fantastic Uber driver that explained to us that it was exciting to see the fireworks go off every evening between 9 and 9:30 on the Disney property. The short 35 minutes and $48 later we arrived at our destinations in the Port Orleans Riverside.

Walt Disney World has made it extremely easy to check in and if you already have my Disney experience app download it on your phone you can also pre-check into your room using mobile check-in. The process is extremely easy but if you have any questions the lobby is very well staffed to stop in and ask any questions or get any help that you need.

The Disney Port of Orleans Riverside Hotel to my understanding is one of the few hotels that has live entertainment in the lounge following pandemic reopening‘s. Yeehaw Bob is famous in this hotel it was our first time seeing him we watched a few songs. He did put a smile on our faces 😊

I had watched about 200 hours of other YouTube videos & done some research on the hotel and the property. I am an evening wine drinker and a glass of wine in the lobby every night can get quite expensive. Also at the end of a long Disney day once I sit down I really want to be in a position to take my shoes off take a shower and get ready for our next big day. So here is my MEGA TIP for this video!
Look at the menus for the general store and the quick service restaurant in your hotel. Most of the time you can stop in there and buy yourself a bottle of wine, beer, water, Gatorade, and milk. These are absolute necessities for us every single time we travel. If you know what time you’re arriving & you are handy with the grocery app you can also use several different grocery services to have these things delivered to the hotel.

We walked out of the back of the lobby over the bridge past the pools turned right & headed on through alligator Bayou even though it was dark outside there are plenty of signs it did take us a few minutes to find the building that our room was located in. But once we found it it was easy to get in using our magic bands and or the app on our phone.

This video shows a really quick tour of our very comfortable room. Ironically we are from New Orleans and when I was booking this trip I would’ve liked to of stayed at Coronado springs but I wasn’t as fast as all the other people trying to book trips on this very busy Martin Luther King weekend. So the next best thing in our bracket (which would be the moderate hotels )was the Port of Orleans Riverside. Our room was very clean and did have a beautiful view of the Bayou!

After unpacking our backpacks and hanging up all of our clothes and taking out all of our toiletries to have everything ready I showered and hopped into my comfy bed and snapped this last quick video proud mama moment of Jax journaling as he does every single day since we went on a road trip few years ago to the "American West" . Him writing in a journal has inspired me to make sure to take more pictures and videos of all the trips that we go on we are capturing our amazing life together in a couple of different ways

the purpose of this trip Disney is to go into Hollywood Studios and experience galaxies edge as much as possible! So I will be setting the alarm clock for 6 AM so that we can get up & purchase Genie plus for both of us. This way we can maximize our day. I’ve seen several videos explaining how even if you’re logged in at 7 AM you could possibly miss out on the chance to ride "Rise of the Resistance" or "Slinky Dog Dash" because everyone else is also up at 7 AM trying to book there lightning lanes and fancy rides! Wish us luck!!!
Till next time, happy trails! #BackpackToDisney #FlyingInaBackpack #WeekendTrips #MyTravelStory #TravelTips #Travel

4. My Experience On Breeze Airways NEW Direct Flight From Orlando To Orange County with NO Layover

Breeze Airlines Orlando To Orange County

5. Best Cheap Flights Websites NOBODY is Talking About | How to Find Cheap Flights 2023

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6. Southwest Airlines passenger bites, kicks deputies while being removed from flight

Woman seen on video resisting attempt to get her off of Southwest Airlines flight.

Read more about it here:

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7. Breeze Airways Announces New Flights From Tulsa To Orlando & Charleston

Breeze Airways is expanding in Tulsa after previously announcing flights to Nashville and Hartford earlier this year. On Wednesday, the airline announced flights from TIA to Orlando and Charleston, South Carolina.

8. Top 10 Longest Flights In The World

The Top 10 longest flights in the world, as of 2018-2020. The new longest flight in the world, both by distance and time in the air, is about 9,534 miles and 19 hours. Can you imagine spending that many hours straight on an airplane? One must be mentally prepared for such day-long flights. The flight times listed in the video, are current as of October 2018, though these tend to vary due to factors like weather, climate conditions, and airport traffic at different times of the year. With all that in mind, here are the 10 longest flights in the world.


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#thebuzz #military

9. Miraculous Plane Landing on New Orleans Levee

A severe thunderstorm forced a Boeing 737 to attempt an emergency landing on the most unlikely, impossible place: a New Orleans levee. #AirDisasters #planecrash

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From: AIR DISASTERS: Nowhere to Land

10. Full Flight: Spirit Airlines A321 Newark to Orlando (EWR-MCO)

Hey guys! In this video, I try flying aboard Spirit Airlines once again down to Orlando, Florida from Newark, New Jersey on one of their A321s. The Newark-Orlando route is a pretty popular route naturally with 3 other airlines besides Spirit competing for passengers. During these coronavirus times, because of the competition, the prices really aren't that much different and so it's really interesting to see how Spirit stacks up to the others nowadays that the prices are so low. I think it's pretty obvious as you can see in the video that their onboard product and COVID safety precautions are very poor compared to other airlines. The boarding process is awful, so is the seat, the seatback contents like "pocket" below & "tray table", as well as the lack of service and nickle & dime for everything else. Don't get me wrong though, I think Spirit is a great option for people traveling on a budget, especially when the legacy airlines prices are so high...but on a route like this where there's 3 other carriers pricing around the same (Frontier, United, & JetBlue), Spirit just isn't worth it in my opinion. Go with JetBlue or United. Hope you guys enjoy!

Flight Info:

Airline: Spirit Airlines
Aircraft/Registration: Airbus A321 (N676NK)
Seat: 28A
Flight Time: 1 hr 57 min
Flight #: NK 149
Takeoff: Newark Liberty International Airport
Landing: Orlando International Airport
Filmed: July 2020

Camera(s) Used: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

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11. Checked in the airport leaving New Orleans heading to Orlando

#Firstflight #NewOrleans #Orlando
My First Flight this weekend. We flew to New Orleans for my Nieces Birthday
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12. Trip Report - Grand Rapids to Orlando | Southwest Airlines

This is the first trip report on YouTube featuring this route. My goal with these kinds of videos is to show you what it's like to fly from Grand Rapids to all the nonstop destinations served by the airport.

Join me as I fly nonstop to a Florida destination!

Route: GRR-MCO
Date: March 4, 2023
Aircraft: Boeing 737-7H4
Registration: N476WN
Flight Number: WN715/SWA715
Takeoff Runway (GRR): 26L
Landing Runway (MCO): 18R
Seat: 5F

13. We gave Frontier Airlines a 2nd chance and this is what happened….

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14. How to find CHEAP flights 🙌🏼

15. Our Experience on Breeze Nonstop Orlando to Orange County Disney Flight

Our experience flying on Breeze Airways Nice Seats on a 5hr+ flight from Orlando, FL to Orange County, CA. We needed to head back to our California house from our new home in Central Florida, this time we decided to check out this brand new route that had just opened up from Breeze Airways (itself a relatively new airline). They had me at Nonstop flights between MCO and SNA (Santa Ana John Wayne Airport) Basically it's a Disney to Disney flight going from Disney World to Disneyland and vice versa.

To add to the awesomeness was that the flights were anywhere from 1/3rd to 1/2 the price of Southwest and comparable to Spirit and Frontier, but with much NICER amenities and comfort. It was very tempting to try it and we finally pulled the trigger for our April flight.

We chose the Nice level seats and were not disappointed, although those "Nicest" First Class seats looked fantastic. They felt like I was on a comfy train when I sat in them for a moment.

0:00 Trying Out A New Airline
1:28 Finding the Check-In / Baggage Drop Off
2:53 Orlando International Airport
3:47 TSA PreCheck
4:47 Gate Experience
6:08 A220 First Impressions
6:40 Nice Seats Review
7:45 How Does It Compare to Southwest?
8:29 The In-Flight Food Menu
9:29 Pushback and Takeoff
11:03 In Flight Service
11:53 Lavatory Review
12:43 Mid-Flight Review
13:45 Landing in Orange County
14:12 Checking out the "NICEST" seats
14:53 John Wayne Airport / Final Thoughts
18:03 Did they lose my bag? Baggage Claim

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