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I Overslept And Missed Work

1. Foolproof Excuses When Late for Work

Running late? Steve knows how to come up with a convincing alibi.

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2. You Wake Up 2 Hours Late For Work. Would You Still Go Why/Why Not (r/AskReddit)

AskReddit People Share You Wake Up 2 Hours Late For Work. Would You Still Go? Why/Why Not?
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3. Missed School

I'll edit your college essay! 📝

4. How to be Late for Work - Foil Arms and Hog

How to be Late for Work - Foil Arms and Hog


5. Man sings You Late For Work waking up his wife 🎤

6. Late For Work


From: Chaz Michaelson ([email protected])
RE: Job performance
Hello Collin,
Just wanted to let you know you're up for review. Some of your co-workers, who shall remain anonymous, have filed several complaints that you're proving to be a disruption at work. Is there any particular reason you scream "Uhh" at the top of your lungs for the duration of your time at work each day? If you're confused about your action items, there are procedures for dealing with that as we discussed at last week's staff meeting. There's no need to be disruptive by voicing your confusion for 8 hours straight. Please see me tomorrow.



7. What Was Your Worst I Overslept! Experience

People Share Their Worst ‘I Overslept’ Stories. - r/AskReddit

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8. I'm Overslept and Missed my School Bus! 🙀 Where is my Baby Bus 🚌 Baby Cars Kids Songs

Hedgehog doesn't like to wake up😴 too early, so he often misses his school bus!🚌 Today is just such a day,😱 but don't worry, dad will take him to school with Vroomy 🚙 Watch my cartoon and sing-along! 🎶 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL❤️
#babycars #kidssongs #wheelsonthebus

Time to wake up
It's Time to go
Don’t be late, dear Hedgehog
You need to be really fast
You don't want to miss a bus

Hey, hurry up!
Hey, hurry up!
Wait for me, no-no, please stop!
Oopsie, the bus won't wait
You have turned out to be late!

Time to go out
Time to go out!
Time is what we care about
You need to be really fast
You don't want to miss a bus

Hey, wait for me!
Hey, wait for me!
The bus is gone, I'm so sorry
Oopsie, the bus won't wait
You have turned out to be late!

Be attentive
Be attentive
The bus is about to leave
Oopsie, the bus won't wait
You have turned out to be late!

We'll get the bus
We'll get the bus
It won't go away from us
You need to be really fast
You don't want to miss a bus

We're on the bus
We're on the bus
We are going really fast
Oops, something has gone wrong
Our bus has broken down

Pull together
Pull together
One more time, we're almost there
Now we are feeling so cool
Finally we are at school
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9. Well, well, well. Late For Work Again

Can you handle...the truth?

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10. Malcolm in the Middle- Hal's Late for Work

Malcolm and Reese change the time on Hal's alarm clock, making him think he's late for work.

11. What Is the Worst Thing You've Missed Because You Overslept

Fresh AskReddit Stories: What's the most important thing you have ever overslept? --- LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!

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12. Healthcare workers late for work

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13. I came to make sure you don't oversleep and miss work!

14. I OVERSLEPT💤 ! LATE FOR WORK! #shorts #responsibility

I OVERSLEPT! 💤 Late For Work! #shorts #responsibility


15. When your late for work and end up oversleeping 😂