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Miami To Medellin Cheap Flights

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2. How to find CHEAP flights 🙌🏼

3. Top Tricks for Booking CHEAP Flights in 2023

Revealing some of my top tips for booking the cheapest flights possible in 2022!

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4. Cheapest Way To Buy Flight Tickets

This is a blog on how to get the cheapest flight tickets for your travel. So i did it with my first International Flight to Colombia, where i went to meet up with @ThisIsAceLive. Video to Colombia will be coming soon. So hope you enjoy. Subscribe and like if it was helpful.

5. Cartagena Colombia 🇨🇴 3 Different budgets for your trip!! #colombia #cartagena

6. Are Flights Cheap In Colombia | Should You Fly To Brazil From Colombia

Let's see how affordable the flights are within Colombia.


Hey guys!! Plan with me my trip to Bogota, Colombia. Find out how much a paid for a flight three weeks before I had to leave. Hope you guys enjoy.




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8. Woman Wants To Know Why Flights To Medellin, Colombia Is Full Of Men

9. CONNECTING FLIGHTS... Journey To Medellin #YouTubeBlack

Join me on this journey to Medellin Colombia 🇨🇴... Live from The South Beach Condo #YouTubeBlack #Miami to #Medellin

10. Rejected Entry Into Colombia (don't make my mistake) 🇨🇴

I wasn't allowed to board my plane flying from Brazil to Colombia due to a requirement I never knew existed. Watch this video so you don't make my same mistake. Requirements to enter Colombia coming from Brazil is a bit different.

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11. How to Fly Business Class to Medellin for $79

In this video find out how to fly from Los Angeles to Medellin, Colombia for $79 in business class. You can do this using the Chase Sapphire Preferred travel rewards credit card. Using the Chase Sapphire Preferred travel rewards credit card you can easily transfer points to United Airlines.

12. How to Get CHEAP Flight Tickets 💸 VPN For Cheap Flights 2023

💥👇 Best VPN providers for cheap flights booking - get it with a discount!👇💥
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Not many people know this, but there are a few tips that can teach you how to find cheap flights in minutes. Today I'll show you my go-to cheap flights booking tricks that take the stress out of traveling, and keep more money in your pocket.

A lot of you may be wondering, why do we even have cheap tickets? Flights should be priced similarly everywhere!

Well, there are a bunch of reasons why tickets are priced differently: the specific dates, (like a weekend or holiday), currency fluctuations, and the popularity of the location.

So now that we’ve established how the airlines are keeping track of you, how to get cheap flights despite that? Well, the first trick I always try is clearing my cookies, and deleting my browser and cache history. Airline sites are notorious for monitoring users’ browser history, and if you end up checking the same flight multiple times they’ll automatically increase the price. Clearing your data history will help avoid this, and using incognito mode in the future will prevent it from happening again.

How does localized pricing works?

Ok makes sense, but how do the airlines know which country I’m booking from? Again, there are a few ways they can determine this but it usually boils down to your IP address, cookies, mobile tracking, or your wifi connection.

Which VPN can help with cheap tickets?

Using a VPN for traveling is actually easier than you’d think, for example, let’s download my go-to option, NordVPN. Not only do I find Nord to be one of the best VPN for travel options, but I also prefer to use it in my daily life since it comes equipped with various security features and is really user-friendly.

How to use a VPN to get cheap flights

Alright now that I’ve got nord vpn all downloaded, let’s check where to find cheap flights. I’ll choose any random server, for example, Brazil, and now I can write down the flight prices I found using this location. Now I’m going to clear my cookies, make sure you don’t forget to do this, otherwise, that data could be kept track of and affect the final flight price. Great, now you can just repeat this process with as many servers as you’d like until you find the best option. This is not the best way how to get cheap flights last minute though.

0:00 Intro
0:24 Why some of the flights are more expensive?
0:58 How to get cheap flight tickets?
2:00 VPN for traveling: how to use NordVPN for cheap flights?
2:47 Which country is cheapest to buy tickets from?
3:15 Is a VPN legal to use for buying cheap tickets?
3:35 Best VPN for cheap flight booking?
4:10 Surfshark for cheap tickets: is it good?
5:27 Conclusion

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13. Medellín - Colombia - Vlog - Of Our Entire Journey

Tommy Gunnz and his group of friends embarked on an unforgettable guys' trip to Medellín, Colombia, to celebrate their friend D's birthday in style. This video serves as a captivating recap of their entire journey, capturing the essence of the trip from start to finish. From the joyous moments of celebration to the camaraderie that filled the air, the video beautifully showcases the bonds of friendship and the lively spirit of the group. As the scenes unfold, viewers are treated to the mesmerizing landscapes of Medellín, which served as a stunning backdrop to their adventures. The video not only encapsulates the exhilarating experiences and vibrant energy of the trip but also pays tribute to the warmth and hospitality of the Colombian people. It's a visual testament to the beauty of Medellín, a city that left an indelible mark on Tommy and his friends, making their journey a truly unforgettable celebration of friendship and life.


Here Are The Instagrams of Some Must Adventures in Medellin, Colombia!!!

ATV Tours = @atvmototours

Zip Line & More = @flighthouseoficial


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14. Medellín in a Minute: How do I get from the airport to the city

A very common question I see being asked by first timers to Medellín is 'How do I get from the airport to the city?'

You have 2 basic options:
#1: Airport colectivos for a flat rate of 99,000 COP
#2: San Diego bus for 20,000 COP

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15. How to BOOK CHEAP FLIGHTS in 2023 | (testing travel hacks)

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Flight Hacks that ACTUALLY work. How to book cheap airline tickets in 2023 by testing viral travel hacks. In today's video, we will cover how to book cheap flights by determining which travel hacks are TRUE and which are FAKE. Stay tuned for travel tips to get cheap airfare online in 2023.

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Incognito mode doesn't work

Get a flight refund

0:00 FLIGHT HACKS that ACTUALLY work in 2023
0:35 Search and book flights in incognito mode
1:20 The best day and time to buy airline tickets
1:55 Get a cheap flight by flying on specific days and times
2:55 Get a cheap ticket with a budget airline
4:30 Should you buy round trip tickets
5:10 Get a refund on Non-refundable tickets
5:40 Use a VPN to change your virtual location when buying flights
6:00 Search flights from a cheaper country
8:37 Get 3 months free on a VPN



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